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Step- UP SIP, Top-UP SIP, multiple SIPs with single payment instruction are some of the initiatives serviced by CAMS," he said.He said the company has added nearly 45 lakh new SIP registrations in the past six months, up from 38 lakh clocked during the same period of the previous year.

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CHENNAI: Increase in investor awareness and confidence in mutual funds have contributed to a 92 per cent rise in registrations of new Systematic Investment Plan in the last financial year, a top official of CAMS Asset Management Services said.

A Systematic Investment Plan allows customers to invest in mutual funds, creating wealth over a long period of time.

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We have a presence in 280 locations and continue to expand our footprint," he said.

CAMS recently launched 'digi SIP', a Mutual Fund SIP with speed, convenience and offering digital experience.

"Retail investors took to SIP route as the preferred option, leading to 1.15 crore new SIP registrations in FY2018, nearly 92 per cent increase over the previous year," city-based CAMS Asset Management Services, Deputy CEO, Anuj Kumar, said.

"During the last three years, the Mutual Fund SIP growth has been noteworthy," he said in an interaction.

Please note that our contact points close each August and new memberships cannot be processed until September.

Although we provide a service mainly to our members, we try to assist anyone else who asks.

The contribution to SIP from Tier II to III cities was about 45 per cent,offering a huge market opportunity, he said.

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