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The social proof and pre-selection they gave me was off the chart. After a while I ended up living a lifestyle where everywhere I went girls would come with me, and they were even competing to sleep with me, it was crazy.

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Adam Lyons is a classic rags to riches story (), and what's unique about him is that he remains a grounded and reachable person no matter how good or famous he gets.

Adam stands out with his authenticity and charisma, and is especially known for using social proof game to the max, although there's plenty of evidence that his solo game doesn't fall behind.

You asked what can the ABCs of Attraction do for ME when the real question you should have asked, if you want to even have any kind of hope of ever being a professional pickup artist and coach (whether for me or any other pickup artist company for that matter), is…

Let me start by saying that this job of being a professional pickup artist, coach, and instructor is, without a doubt, one of the best jobs in the world. On the surface, it is a lot of partying with attractive women at the top clubs all across the globe, meeting hundreds of new people a year, and representing one of the most fascinating industries to emerge in the past 60 years, all while jetting from state to state and country to country. The perks of being a professional pickup artist are fantastic but, like any other job, there is a whole lot of legwork to be done.

Still, once you understand some of the concepts behind it all, it becomes much easier to spot the mistakes you may be making in attracting others and ...

More This book is a guide detailing my discoveries over the last few years on the subject of attraction.The most underrated fact of the matter is that our company has to compete with not only every existing pickup company out there, but all the new and emerging ones as well, no matter how cheesy or half-baked they may be (what I call , yes, from that disgusting meme).We have to be constantly publishing new articles with new tips and tricks, as well as answering the mail from guys that take the time to write to us, personally, as well as following up with all of the students that we’ve had for the past 5 years!He's been featured in everything from FHM to the Sunday Times, on Channel 4 to the Dallas Morning News!AFC Adam burst into the scene when a fellow PUA of his started getting too much unwanted media attention, and directed the spotlight to Adam.I began making friends with girls in the London Nightclub circuit and instead of trying to sleep with them I just befriended them.

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