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2000-2004" intitle:"Virtual Server Administration System" intitle:"Vis Netic Web Mail" inurl:"/mail/" intitle:"Vital QIP IP Management System" intitle:"VMware Management Interface:" inurl:"vmware/en/" intitle:"VNC viewer for Java" intitle:"wbem" compaq login "Compaq Information Technologies Group" intitle:"Web Server Statistics for ****" intitle:"web server status" SSH Telnet intitle:"web-cyradm"|"by Luc de Louw" "This is only for authorized users" -site:intitle:"Web Logic Server" intitle:"Console Login" inurl:console intitle:"Welcome Site/User Administrator" "Please select the language" -demos intitle:"Welcome to F-Secure Policy Manager Server Welcome Page" intitle:"Welcome to Mailtraq Web Mail" intitle:"welcome to netware *" -site:intitle:"Welcome to the Advanced Extranet Server, ADVX! Enter (account|host|user|username) inurl:/cgi-bin/inurl:/cgi-bin/sqwebmail? noframes=1 inurl:/Citrix/Nfuse17/ inurl:/Collection Content.asp?

For Example: With Google Dork, You Can Find any specified file downloading link directly to Google Search Engine Result Page.filetype:asp "Custom Error Message" Category Source filetype:asp "[ODBC SQL" filetype: ASP ASP filetype:asp DBQ=" * Server.

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