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) A single tree may produce six million seeds in a year.

Of these seeds, less than 5% germinate, and of these, very few actually grow into seedlings.

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But with full sunlight and moist soil, a redwood sapling can grow more than 6 feet in a single growing season!

The coast redwoods are the tallest living species on Earth.

Often they can reach heights of 300-350 feet and diameters of 16-18 feet.

More than a dozen trees exceeding 360 feet in height are now growing along the California coast.

Thus the genetic information of an individual redwood may be thousands of years old, dating back to the first parent. Recommended Planting Instructions: Scarification: None required.

The Arco Giant, one of the largest known redwoods [Robert Van Pelt] (Van Pelt 2001). Seeds 2–7 per scale, lenticular, narrowly 2-winged; cotyledons 2(–4). USA: SW Oregon and NW California, confined to coastal areas (within 60 km of the sea) experiencing a great deal of fog; at elevations generally below 300 m, occasionally to 1000 m. Points plotted as tree icons represent isolated or approximate locations.

These sprouts, because of already established root systems, grow more vigorously than seedlings and so are the more common form of reproduction.

In fact, successive generations of sprouts are really "clone trees". Germination: No pre-germination treatment required.

The redwood's thick bark, with deep furrows running the length of the trees, is a rich reddish brown.

It is this bark that gives the redwoods their excellent fire-resistant quality.

Mature sun foliage from the canopy of an old-growth tree [C. Mostly found in alluvial soils, where it forms pure stands or occurs with Pseudotsuga menziesii, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, or other local conifers (Watson 1993). The "endangered" status assigned this species by the IUCN reflects its past history of exploitation and resulting reductions in its area of occupancy.

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