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episode over concerns a home was so dirty it would embarrass the nine-year-old boy who lived there.

The boy had pleaded with Channel 4 bosses to give the home a makeover as a treat for his mother.

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'I really don't understand them saying it would be a bad thing for us. 'My son was gutted when he had to tell all his friends that he wasn't going to be on the TV.

'All social services did was send a woman round for about an hour one day and for a couple of hours another day.

'When they asked me who I wanted to write to I couldn't think of anyone else - I wanted to do something to help my mum.' His mother said she was upset after learning the programme would not go ahead and said it would have changed their lives.

'Things have really got on top of us and with Kim and Aggie's help we would have been able to get back on the right track,' she said.

The nickname "Aggie" was once common at land-grant or "ag" (agriculture) schools in many states.

The teams are also referred to as "A&M" or "Texas Aggies," and the official school colors are maroon and white. The sports teams compete in Division I of the NCAA.

There's no wallpaper in the living room and the worn carpet is full of cigarette burns.

'Kim and Aggie would have really helped us,' he said.

Talkback Thames said: 'We are inundated with potential contributors and we have a thorough selection process.

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