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Suggest you pop your head inside the door and have a quick peep.Only step inside and buy a drink if you like what you see.

Think your more likely to like the bars on the Vikings side of the road.

Located in Mango Ave, On the opposite side of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church. One thing is consistent there are usually some ‘honeys’ here.

Even so, there is adequate pussy available, even though it is spread out, all over the place. Consequently sometimes Cebu girls have a bit of an attitude after getting in the room, cause they have got all the money up front already, apart from a possible additional tip the next morning. P80/90 ; Ladies Drinks, P150/200 , depending on where you are; Bar Fine – P2500/3000 , for LT, which includes everything, and paid before you get out the door, and so you have to make clear what you are paying for, eg Long Time (LT) or Short Time, with both the girl and the mamasan together, before you leave the bar, to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ later on.

Fortunately taxi drivers are pleasant and trips from one place to another are cheap compared with Manila and Angeles (trikes). In Cebu a tip next morning is dependent on whether you think she is worth more than you have already paid back at the bar, the night before. Update : Bar fine is currently paid to the girl , outside the bar.

Other girls standard price (see above) Before placing money down make sure it is for all night.

Confirm this with Mama-san in presence of girl, if possible. Make sure a girl does not order a ‘double’ (P300/400).

Quite often experienced punters go there perv on the bodies and lively atmosphere but do not bar fine. Possibly the better looking bodies reside here, day in day out.

Very subjective though, your honey might be waiting for you elsewhere. Waitresses in Vikings Bar Fine for P3000, nothing less.

GUIDE only : Use the information below as a guide only for hookers in Cebu. I personally visit Philippines as much as possible, and then update the info below. As you know by now, not an abundance of Go Go’s in Cebu City.

Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources. Eye candy and remote possibility of a pick up , remote (fuglies yes , pretty very difficult to pick up). Neither Angeles or Manila can be beaten in that respect.

Viking Mango, BG’s, Eric the Red, Planet X, and finally “Sisters”.

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