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"Let's have a glass of champagne shall we and then I'll show you what I want."I followed her swaying ass through into the lounge and sat just watching her as she poured out our drinks."How was work?

“They’re well worth looking at.” Standing up still with her back to me, she bent to pick up a single stocking and quickly rolled it into a neat little ball over the toe."Now these please." She placed a foot on my lap, giving me a perfect view of her glistening slit.

"And stop ogling my pussy.""I'm afraid I can't do that." I leered, but I drew my eyes back to the job in hand and smoothed the nylon up over her thighs."Some of the men who work for me would give a month's salary to be where you are now." She smiled, "And a few of the women too."I finished both stockings and sat entranced as she fastened them to the long suspender straps dangling from her basque before standing in front of me hands on hips."There, what do you think?

She wrapped it around her body, settling her breasts into the underwired cups.

"There are hooks and eyes all the way down the back. I like them tight, I like to feel constricted."Kneeling down in front of me, she turned and presented her back to me. It took me about five minutes to do all the laces up, because I couldn't stop looking over her shoulder to where the lacy bra cups only just covered her nipples."You're looking at my breasts," she said simply."Yes," I smiled.

""Oh yes, a grieving widow would hardly wear a mini skirt, would she?

""She probably wouldn't wear a sheer black thong either, David, but it's called poetic license."She stood for a moment, looking at herself in her full length mirror before going into a walk in wardrobe and coming out again wearing a small black hat with a face veil."How's that?

I took my time about easing the panties up over her long legs.

The aroma coming from her sex was intoxicating and I wondered if my zip was strong enough to contain my aching prick without breaking."I think a long dress would be more suitable for a funeral, don't you?

"Talk dirty while you're shagging me.""You love me fucking you don't you? I use your panties.""Ooh yes," she moaned and clutched at me.

" I hissed, "You love feeling my cock sliding in and out of your juicy little pussy.""It's my cunt, David. "More, David.""I wrap one pair around my cock and I lay another pair on my face.

I'm going to squirt, I can tell.""Fuck yes, squirt all over me.""You dirty little cunt." She gasped and I felt her vaginal muscles tightening around my cock."When I've come in you, I want to lick it all out again.""I'll piss on you while you lick me, ooh fuck David.

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