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Insisting he wanted to fight the Iraq War because he felt he had an ‘obligation as a human being to help free people from oppression’, he joined the army in 2003 and began training the following year for the special forces.

Snowden went to work for the NSA as a security guard at one of its secret facilities at the University of Maryland.

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Investigators will clearly be keen to talk to his as yet unidentified girlfriend but Snowden insists she was kept in the dark. Until yesterday, when he checked out – destination unknown – he was staying at the five star Mira Hotel, rarely venturing out of his plush room and racking up a huge bill on room service.

He grew up in North Carolina and later Maryland – where his family lived near the NSA’s HQ at Ford Meade.

Neighbours were struck by the huge number of boxes he kept, piled floor to ceiling, in his double garage.

Snowden said he made his final preparations for his public expose three weeks ago when he told his supervisor he needed a couple of weeks off to be treated for his epilepsy.

His mother works as a court clerk and, like her son, suffers from epilepsy.

A neighbour described the Snowdens yesterday as ‘very respectable people’.

In a 12-minute video interview with the Guardian in his room shortly before he vacated the hotel and went on the run, Snowden appears at times rather pleased with himself and, at others, scared for his life.

Snowden, who communicated with journalists using the codename ‘verax’, Latin for truthteller – calmly described his journey from high school dropout to well-paid internet intelligence expert with a diplomatic passport and top-level security clearance.

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