Autistic teenagers dating

~ Chris & Carmen S." If you have tried talking, screaming, punishing, pleading, and negotiating -- but your teen still walks all over you…

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The fear of what could go wrong on the train and the unexpected changes that could take place are so overwhelming for Sarah that she never manages to leave and instead stays inside.

When I first watched the film back, I was so overcome by how much it mirrored my own experiences that I got really emotional. Even if you are surrounded by a group of people, you feel alone because you feel different and it takes up a lot of energy trying to keep up with social cues.

I was stuck in a crowd of people trying to get on the tube, I started to panic and hyperventilate.

Everyone was so set on getting to their destination that I ended up having to lean up against a wall, trying so hard to breathe, until the crowds dispersed.

So this World Autism Awareness Week, please take the time to watch the National Autistic Society’s campaign film and learn more about autism.

No-one expects you to become an autism expert but by having that understanding, we feel less misunderstood and together we can make a more autism friendly world.

If you are tired of struggling with a person who is disrespectful, obnoxious, or even abusive toward you in your own home…

If you are frustrated and exhausted from constant arguing…

Not only was I delighted to accept my first official acting job, I felt so passionately about helping to educate the public on something that I struggle with every day.

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