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In January 1941, HMS Illustrious′s Mk VIII (HV) mountings performed flawlessly firing 30,000 rounds with very few stoppages.

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The latter was the more successful design, and found some use as an anti-tank weapon.

A reworked version was adopted by the Royal Navy as a weapon for Motor Gun Boats, being adopted in the Fairmile C type, it had a semi-automatic horizontally sliding breech block, and was shipped on a manually trained pedestal mount.

In the same action, the Commissioned Gunner of HMS Repulse spent the whole action running from one pom-pom mount to another trying to keep them operational due to the faulty ammunition.

The pom-poms on Repulse shot down two of the four confirmed kills made by Force Z, up to the end of World War II and it shot down many Axis aircraft.

Design work for such a weapon began in 1923 based on the earlier Mark II, undoubtedly to utilise the enormous stocks of 2-pounder ammunition left over from the First World War.

Lack of funding led to a convoluted and drawn-out design and trials history, and it was not until 1930 that these weapons began to enter service.On the other hand, there was the distinct disadvantage that the gun was designed for cordite powder, and no manufacturing facilities for the production of this ammunition were available in the United States.Thorough study revealed that the gun could not be converted to take American powder.officially designated the QF 2-pounder (QF denoting "quick firing") and universally known as the pom-pom, was a 40-millimetre (1.6 in) British autocannon, used as an anti-aircraft gun by the Royal Navy.The name came from the sound that the original models make when firing, this QF 2-pounder was not the same gun as the Ordnance QF 2 pounder, used by the British Army as an anti-tank gun and a tank gun; they shared only the projectile weight of 2 pounds.This was trialed in the Arethusa-class light cruisers HMS Arethusa and Undaunted, but did not enter full service, being replaced instead by a larger weapon, the QF 2-pdr Mark II (see below).

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