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Jim and Joy Zimmerman, ID The end of June gang is mobilizing and heading West to moove cows, we carry T-shirts, cases of Flat Tire, vodka and jello, bellyfuls of future laughter, and oh so much anticipation.

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The returning guests were very friendly toward “newcomers”. Diana & Fritz Juan, CA We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the ranch.

It didn’t take us long to feel at home and become part of your culture – one rich in riding adventure and genuine appreciation for the well-being of horses.

) In addition to the clear safety protocol you all follow, your knack for matching horse to riders was remarkable.

I noticed that everyone consistently seemed to feel comfortable, but also appropriately challenged with their horses, and in such a short time felt a special bond with many of the horses we were fortunate enough to ride.

One night, a few days after we left and were falling asleep in our big family tent, there was this quiet snuffling next to me and then these little sobs.

When I asked Tori what was wrong, I couldn’t get a word out of her for some time …finally between sobs, she got one word out: “Brave .” That little guy made quiet an impression on her.These 7 days have surpassed my expectations and wildest dreams far more than my friends and family will ever know. Because you all are such consummate horsemen, I want to say that as we recount stories to family and friends that know horses, the first thing we highlight is not just the physical care your horses receive, but the emotional care .You, your ranch, your wranglers and staff are what every ranch should strive to be. The cook was great, the servers anxious to please and most of all the patience, encouragement and support of the superb wranglers was extraordinary. From the first day when we watched the amazing sight, of which we never tired, of the horses coming down from the bench and quietly finding their spot in the corral with their buddies, the contentment of your horses was apparent.Over and over, I have heard the girls describe how the horses go out each might and don’t have to be ridden more than 3 or 4 times a week and that they are so friendly you can wander among the herd in the pasture.The girls of course describe the amazing rides too, but it was the quality of care so many horses receive that in some ways stands out in all of our minds; I think because without that sense of well-being none of us would have been able to enjoy the riding. From me, Mom, I first thank you for your constant and careful attention to safety .Mary Kretchman, Colorado We had an absolutely amazing time and it quickly became clear why guests return and why we have heard such extraordinary compliments of the ranch.

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