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Read full review The Sony Ericsson C902i is a very stylish, well-built device with a slim form factor and good camera.

I especially liked the way that the 5.0 megapixel camera was hidden in the phone's slim body, without any bulge protruding from its rear.

When I returned to collect my phone, they handed me a replacement set! I asked the staff but she said that's already the latest one. My firmware is: 1204-1733 R3BA035 080521 I don't use Windows PC, so i couldn't use the SEUS. Sometimes I get a " Your phone already has the latest software" message, sometimes "The software couldn't be downloaded".

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tried it on another computer and it worked 2nd time trying. noticed the battery meter logo is changed but the picture saving is still very slow.(5 seconds to save picture in 5mp) how does a debranded one do? I just bought the phone yesterday and i was thinking about updating it.

but then, why do i keep on getting phone is up-to date ?? 2 weeks ago, i sent in my phone to fix the erratic alarm problem. And I asked them to do a firmware upgrade at the same time.

The stylish metal bodywork and slim line do give it an edge with the style-conscious users.

The biggest - and perhaps the only - letdowns of a cameraphone of this caliber are screen size and the poor video recording capabilities.

And they normally wouldn't tell me the latest firmware they got on hand now, but instead ask me to bring my phone down for their technicians to evaluate instead.

Btw, anyone knows the diff between my 1204-17-1731?

Still excellent build quality, fast speed data, solid multimedia and great interface in feature phone terms do sound right for the slimmest 5 megapixel cameraphone.

So, we see nothing wrong with a cameraphone that looks and acts solid, but doesn't tear a hole in your pocket.

More The Sony Ericsson C902i is a very stylish, well-built device with a slim form factor and good camera.

Despite this and the device's awkward keypad, the C902i is still a very desirable device, and has plenty of features packed into its anorexic casing.

I'd only send it in for service again if there's a new firmware in Singapore.

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