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Over the years, Chy has crossed the Kardashian-Jenners countless times, and it dates back to her feud with the family after Kylie Jenner started to date Chyna's former flame and baby daddy, Tyga.

And now that she can't attach their name to her club appearances, it seems like her ever-dwindling net worth is definitely reaping the consequences.

Movies She may not even be a real actress, but Yahoo's actor page doesn't seem to think so.

The legendary actress shared the harrowing tale of the time where she ‘went nuts’ on a mugger in New York, during her speech at a Journalist Award ceremony on Wednesday (November 15).

The award-winning movie star described how she managed to stop and chase off the thief, under the watchful eye of the If I Could Turn Back Time singer, whilst delivering her opening speech at the Committee to Protect Journalists’ International Press Freedom Awards.

Another top promoter said the most he would pay Chy for a club appearance is $2,000 because "she's not relevant anymore." Ouch.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a deal if Chyna dated someone else with clout after her nasty split with Rob.

The entertainment icon put her still-enviable figure on display was spotted gulping a giant fishbowl margarita like a boss during a little getaway in Portofino, Italy, on Tuesday.

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Nails Cher Impersonation Cher, who is vacationing with four girlfriends, rocked a casual look in black leggings and a matching jacket, showing off her toned bod and makeup-free face while sipping a large red drink and later posing for a pic on the street.

‘We come to it disadvantaged through the many millennia preceding our present moment and because of our vulnerability, we anticipate danger — we expect it. This comes in very handy in investigative journalism, but also in acting.’ Meryl and Cher previously starred in the 1980’s film Silkwood together, playing roomates Karen Silkwood and Dolly Pelliker in the thriller.

The crime-fighting actresses will be united once more on the big screen for the Mamma Mia sequel due for release in July next year.

Paris Zone An amazing fan site with over 400 pictures of the sexy starlet.

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