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Life And Death In The Fake News Business & What Is Public Relations?How To Run A Public Relations Campaign Based On The Truth With decades of experience, Attkisson’s hunch - that the specific term ‘fake news’ did not spread like acrid wildfire of its own volition - found factual corroboration.

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We make substances that don’t biodegrade and end up in giant landfills.

and economically encourages us to throw things away rather than repair them. Then do your research first before joining any protests.

We let maniacal men rule out-of-control Governments that spray toxic weather-altering chemicals like barium, aluminum and strontium chemtrails all over the world – and get away with it. Oppose fracking, GMOs, toxic energy systems, geoengineering, and corporate welfare to military companies (the Pentagon is the biggest polluter on planet).

Scotland Just Banned Fracking Forever Fracking Hell: The Untold Story Last year, in September 2014, around 400,000 people turned up in New York for the People’s Climate March – but what is the point of this activism if it gets diverted?

Carbon Dioxide Revealed As The “Miracle Molecule Of Life” For Re-Greening The Planet & Leonardo Di Caprio’s War On Carbon Is Actually A War Against All Plants, Rainforests And Ecosystems On The Entire Planet “In Idso and Idso’s (1994) analysis of soil nutrient limitations, the percentage growth enhancement due to a 300-ppm rise in the air’s CO2 content actually did exhibit a slight (but statistically non-significant) decline, dropping from 51% to 45% when nutrients went from non-growth-limiting to limiting in a group of 70 experiments.

But when the atmospheric CO2 enrichment was 600 ppm, this slight negative trend reversed itself, going from a CO2-induced growth stimulation of 43% when nutrients were present in abundance to a 52% enhancement when their supply was sub-optimal.All The Biggest Lies About Climate Change And Global Warming Debunked In One Astonishing Interview Furthermore, changes in climate (whether human behavior is causing them or not) are not necessarily bad; in some cases studies have suggested recent changes in climatic conditions are responsible for re-greening parts of the world and changing lives for the better.(see Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007-3510) In this context, “global governance” means centralizing vast amounts of power into a body destined to become the World Government, under the pretext of fighting man-made global warming or climate change.There is no need for stealth sterilization programs, introducing contraceptives through vaccines or other depopulation murder programs.When people gain a higher education, they organically choose to have less kids. This is really the philosophical and spiritual basis of the hijacking.Fake News A United States [ Western ] Media Speciality Although Attkisson did not mention them specifically in the roughly ten-minute Tedx talk at the University of Nevada, two lists published at the height of the Fake News Scare - both of which were either republished or alluded and linked to by multiple corporate outlets - came into public purview under highly suspect circumstances, each lending albeit indirect credence to the hypothesis a propaganda crusade was underway.

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