Dating a freshman

Topics include species extinction, global warming, habitat destruction, individual responsibility to future generations, and human values/morals. This course explores the role of digital media in intimate relationships through such case studies as online friendships, Tinder and Grindr, transnational surrogacy, and helicopter parenting.This seminar will consider the philosophy of science and the science of faith. Disability and the Struggle for Inclusion ERC 87 B00 Section ID: 951903 Herbst, Matthew ([email protected]) What is disability?

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Technical achievement, visual power, and personal nuance will be emphasized.

This seminar examines key films in the dynamic relationship between spirituality and cinematic experience.

The History and Philosophy of Confucius - cross listed with PHIL 87 section A HITO 87 C00 Section ID: 951910 Schneewind, Sarah ([email protected]) Location: HSS 8025 Wednesdays, p.m. Meeting Dates: We read and discuss Confucius's Analects from the perspectives of both history and philosophy perspective.

The required text is an English translation by Slingerland.

The seminar examines films ranging from the Seventh Seal (1957) and Black Narcissusm (1947), to Order (1955) and Life of Brian (1979), and many more.

This seminar is about how film can reflect and change our lives.

Early enrollment is encouraged due to the small class size. How can a teaching career be fulfilling and rewarding?

Visit the Schedule of Classes to see enrollments (select all departments and 87.) Use Web Reg to enroll in seminars during your enrollment period. Neural Networks as Models of the Mind CSE 87 A00 Section ID: 951899 Cottrell, Gary ([email protected]) Location: EBU3B B230 Wednesdays, a.m. Seminar will meet weeks 1-6 We investigate how neural networks can be used to model how we see, read, remember, and learn.

Website: This seminar examines the relationship between law, politics and cinema and why governments have banned certain films throughout history.

We will examine films such as This is Not a Film, Sweetness of Spirit, Battleship Potemkin, LAge d Or, The Bohemian Girl, Clockwork Orange, Goldfinger and others.

What do you guys think is the maximum age difference a boyfriend and girlfriend should have in high school?

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