Dating agency in malta

When he formed the club in 1998, Simon received several anonymous calls from people who believed that a singles club would be an easy way out of an unhappy marriage.

But fours years later, Simon firmly believes he has attained his goal, and today the club has hundreds of members.

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Simon, 38, who runs The Singles Social Circle and Dateright, is satisfied that the two clubs have helped hundreds find new friends while others have actually found their future spouse.

Just a fortnight ago, two couples who met through Simon's dating agency tied the knot.

More information about the two clubs is available at

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The club, whose members are aged from 23 to those in their 50s, also acts as a support group for those who are feeling lost or lonely and feel like opening up and talking to a friend.

Simon said he believed such clubs were being sought because stable relationships were dwindling.

"I believe my agency has filled a void in the social scene and have helped hundreds in their lives," Simon said.

Having travelled to the UK several times, Simon had a good idea of how similar clubs were run and believed there was an untapped niche.

"More people are separating and opting out of a relationship faster than before.

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