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Among women of childbearing age, 51 percent use the pill or similar remedies for contraception whereas 17 percent use other methods.

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Of those in a relationship, 76 percent stated they’ve never used condoms with their partner while 12 percent said they sometimes used condoms.

Vaginal intercourse came out on top as the preferred sexual behavior for Germans.

We therefore review the dating app "rules" as follows: 1) Inspect Penis Custodian from Rose-Goldie the i Phone. 2) Give no shits about written portion of Penis Custodian's profile unless he is bangable.

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Peeking into her psyche, we now observe Angry V as she upgrades her profile for everyone to know the full extent of her sex appeal. ) (Angry Vagina ponders.) (In frustration, decides to consult previous sorority sister named "X" for advice to combat dating app persecution. Begins new swipage.) (Inserts new image of Self posing as King Arthur wielding a sword accompanied by a severed arm with a tiny middle finger.

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