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This is a man totally immune to accusations of sex crimes against women, even those under 13. In fact, controlled press assets we know to be working for Trump lead the attacks against him, painting him as a sexual predator.As for the “Jewish” charge, we are told that Trump converted to Judaism decades ago.

He is now in Washington, at least occasionally, poor Melania in tow having left her mobster roost now protected by Secret Service as well, playing “the Great Dictator” among his admitted lessers, the thieves, liars and lunkheads of America’s phony capital.

Here are the two questions: Analysis of press coverage and the wall built around Trump brings his sexuality into question.

” Was the relationship between Trump and Cohn “more than friends” and did Trump convert to Judaism, as we are now starting to learn from source after source.

Beyond this, is the Trump smokescreen as a serial philanderer and whoremonger, as the Israeli controlled and totally Trump loving press is pushing a rerun of the Larry Flynt attack on Bush 43.

It commemorates the battle which took place here February 22-23, 1847 between the forces of General Zachary Taylor and General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. As a result, the area surrounding the moat is littered with the forgotten graves of hundreds, perhaps thousands of U.

This area is only a few blocks large and is adjacent to the cathedral. A marble monument is located alongside the highway that runs through this site. Nothing for sale related to the US-Mexican War and quite a limited selection of items for sale." "From the grounds of the Obispado, there is a great view of Monterrey and a visitor can easily surmise the importance of the site as well as the difficulty in taking such a position." Below: Present-day Monterrey is a very modern city. Morelos (formerly Calle Principal) were taken in the small "pueblo viejo" or "old town" section of Monterrey, away from the tall, modern, office buildings. Visitors would be advised not to mention the US Occupation." "In a small area, under the stairs, there is a gift shop. Trump may end up uniting the planet in one cause – “hating Trump” and despising the United States.Trump, who spent his life in New York, son of a notorious slumlord, a life of utter self-indulgence, unpaid bills, cheated partners, mob enforcers running interference for him every step of the way, is now in the only place worse than New York.Every drug imaginable is available and your history is exactly that, or is claimed to be, drug and sex orgies with supermodels, prostitutes, porn queens and even “not so willing” hotel maids. Christopher Steele’s “dossier” is, in fact, the only real information we have on Donald Trump’s sexual proclivities that can be verified and sourced as fact.

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