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never heard of you." Another insult is that he must share a room, number 26.

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Then he has an altercation with a passenger, Hancock rather unpleasantly standing on the man's legs.

He gives us his war memoirs how we drove the plane with his feet etc, all very unsubtle, and pointless too.

The fun should really start at the hotel, but it doesn't.

The receptionist (Richard Wattis) greets Tony with an apology, "we only accommodate celebrities...

It's Kenneth Williams, he can't make much of the script either, though he gives it his best shot.

The mood does pick up building up to a nice joke about Hancock's photo.

She is not too impressed that she has to share with Tony, nor is the receptionist impressed with the "intrigue," though Tony doesn't mind sharing.

"Stop messing about," Tony's new mate is less satisfactory.

So many wonderful comedy gems have been needlessly wiped!

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