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He's since cleaned up his act, however, so maybe Taylor helped him out? Ed has alluded to having a difficult time on Taylor's Red Tour; he struggled with the pressures of fame, put on a lot of weight and indulged in some seriously self-destructive habits. First off all, Tenerife Sea and Taylor Swift share initials. It doesn't matter what Ed says publicly, this song is clearly about Taylor.

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To answer that question, we've researched every song on X and come to some interesting conclusions. Written shortly after the release of his debut in 2011, "One" is one of the last songs Ed ever wrote about their relationship. Ed was photographed with Selena at the awards show and then again outside her house a couple of weeks later.

Ed has been very clear that "One" is about Alice, the girl who inspired most of the songs on . "I'm a Mess" was one of the last songs written for X and it was inspired by Ed's then-current girlfriend. It's kinda hard to imagine good-girl Taylor walking around an award show with a secret bottle of liquor. The internet seems convinced that he's singing about Ellie Goulding and One Direction's Niall Horan. The two met when they were teenagers and have been linked on-and-off since she appeared in the music video for his song "Drunk." Is this song about Taylor?

“They’re enjoying being so much closer together.” Ed broke his self-imposed social media silence last week after disappearing from Twitter and Instagram for a full year – telling fans he needed 12 months break.

Ed has already made a behind-the-scenes return to the charts, having penned the Matt Terry’s X Factor winner’s single When Christmas Comes Around.

The couple have so far endured a long-distance relationship but will be able to spend plenty of time together after Cherry transferred her job at a top accountancy firm from New York to London.

A source said: "They are getting more serious about each other and have been able to spend some quality time together now Cherry has moved back to the UK.

Both of their names combined to wish them a happy anniversary.

Aside from this snapshot, they've been photographed together at sporting events.

As for Sheeran and Seaborn, they have the most perfect photobomb behind Anderson and Lucier.

And there was plenty of love to celebrate — Swift's other bestie, Abigail Anderson, recently got engaged to Matt Lucier. The Love Actually reference has never been more fitting.

The musician shared the news on Instagram, with a picture of the happy couple bearing the caption: "Got myself a fiancé just before new year.

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