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Waited 2 days til Monday went back to surgeon 8am and was immediately admitted and put on a vancomiacin don’t know spelling but IV drip of that and was back to stupid pump for pain was told infection was extremely bad and not sure what’s going to happen antibiotic may not work and was never told what it was but I was hospital for another 9-10 days and they let me take orals after 3 days SK could leave my room AMD get air from outside so pain controlled didn’t amputate but woukd never say what or why I was infected and never acknowledge the initial Friday visit may have prevented worse issues over the weekend if the doc didn’t want to get his weekend stared and either gave antibiotics or admit me then.

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My wife fimaly got upset at my pains and told the nurse maybe oral meds be best so not having hit button and just give dose on schedule and nurses reply was with his past history the Dr doesn’t want to give any oral meds and my wife took a step bacm and was confused… I remember a few years prior I had done a stress test because of palipitsiins and arithmia and I completed a history and didn’t lie I mean I was my life on the line perhaps.

So, I filled the substance used boxes that pertained to me believing I must to get correct test results or diagnosis.

I had never been in so much pain and shortly after arriving by ambulance for the ankle ( when I say bad I mean over 70 breaks and 180° dislocation) within 5 mins I was uncinsious and I dont know if it was because they Gave me stuff OR it was the lady saying its really bad but we have to flip it back around and I said okay then lights out.

I knee I needed surgery right away and when I woke up I thought I was foxed and able to get on home but here is when it begins at least here in this moments…

3 time in 1 days I woke up uncontrolled pain and they shoot me up something then I go calm and sleep.

i had surgery thr following day and Dr aid it was a bad NAD break never seen before I needed up with a 7 inch plate on outside leg with 6 screes and 6 screw’s holding my ankle together.

How can the worst pain a person ever has be compared to different areas and scopes of injury/illness?

I would like worst leg pain 1-10 worst leg 1-10 worst eye pain 1-10 or something but back to my point and story, when I was sleeping I could not press the pain pump to control my pain so no less that.

While in there he said I had 4-5 years left on the ankle arthritis was taking over and there was just to much trauma to ever fully recover then a new primary decided to pain management me so was placed on a contract i did as required filled monthly 20 mg oxy time release 2x day and 5 MG’s for break thru pain 4-6 times a day that was nest I felt not barely any pain at all worked 50-60 hours eeeks had my life back for 2.5,years I was dosing the same and one day I got a letter and it said due to my contract violation they were void my contract due to filling and a pharmacy other than the contracted one…

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