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Trina Read, Calgary-based author, sex coach and columnist “People who are in the Prairie provinces tend to be a lot more laid-back than people from the Eastern provinces.

People from Toronto, for example, tend to be ‘work hard, play hard,’ so not only are they commuting a lot, but they’re also putting their kids in 10 different activities every week, so they have to drive around and they simply don’t have the time or the energy to have sex.

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When a partner is absent for intermittent stretches [gone during the week and home on the weekend], couples tend to have sex more frequently because there are obvious points of reconnection: Return, have sex, leave.” Carolyn Clare, Calgary-based psychologist specializing in sexuality, gender and relationships “Seventy-one percent of Albertans said that companionship kept them in their relationships, and that was higher than the rest of Canada.

There’s research that really supports the idea that deep friendship is the foundation of intimacy and satisfying sex, so I wonder if the women in this study, who talk about companionship, have more of that deep friendship which promotes not only intimacy, but sexual intimacy.” Dr.

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They also reported more relationship satisfaction than women in most other provinces. generalize and speculate in a highly educated manner) those numbers.

“One of the factors, historically, has been Alberta’s robust economy.

Money certainly does buy happiness to a degree; that’s not an absolute link, but it does matter.” Cheryl Mc Meeken, Calgary-based sex and relationship therapist “From my experience with my clients, there’s a big focus [in Alberta] on making your life the best it can be or maximizing your pleasure.

Also, when people have their basic human needs met, then they have time to philosophize about bigger things, such as ‘how I can improve my life?

In your survey, Albertan women said they were less concerned about wanting more money, and that might be a factor.

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