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I am 28 and am married for 8 years, with 3 very small children.I have always had a history of depression/dysthymia, but never had anything close to this.

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Sooo, he kept calling and calling, and opening up more and more, and telling me how his wife doesn't sleep with him enough, so I told him that I cant help him there.

Then I started to really have feelings for him, and after a few months of us sharing how we feel about each other, and he admitting that he loved me, I got a call from him saying that while we could still speak, we can't talk about out feelings for each other b/c it'll lead bad places and well end up sleeping with e/o. I said I don't see how one would lead to the other, and begged him to keep the feelings channel open. he said he would continue to talk about how much we love each other (btw this was going on for a while, and we didn't touch once), but he wants to put up a bet.

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I have read several of your books, and am enamored by your all encompassing knowledge and daat torah.

Then he started calling my cell phone, and I would tell my husband how weird it was that he was calling me.

This man, lets call him Moshe, said he always wanted someone he could talk to, and felt comfortable talking to me, so I kind of just let him talk, then my husband and I thought it was inappropriate so I kept telling him that I don't talk to other men and I think it's assur. I enjoyed talking to him, but felt too guilty, so I told him to stop, so thats when he said he will miss talking to me, and he admitted his feelings for me, and I have to say I had feelings for him.My husband and I consider ourselves yeshivish, we don't watch TV, sending our kids to non coed school, keep all laws of tzniut, don't go out with other couples for fun, as we deem it inappropriate.Though I am very comfortable around males, as I have grown up in a coed environment, since I have been married, I would never think to put the word friend and a guys name in the same sentence.Life was pretty good, though I was still struggling a bit with dysthymia.At 24 I had my first child, and 26 my second, and when I was pregnant with my third at 28 is when this all started.He said if we continue, then I will eventually give in to sleeping with him.

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