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Regardless of how you feel about the other as a spouse, you still have these children to raise together.' Firm friends: The relationship between the pair has long lead to rumors of a relationship but King has shot those down repeatedly; they are pictured here almost 30 years ago in this cute throwback Instagram snap Kindred spirit: Gayle is also close with This Morning colleague Charlie Rose; the pair have been working together on the CBS show for four years; pictured is a snap of them at dinner together last week The friendship between the pair has long lead to rumors of a relationship between the two but King has shot those down time and time again, saying in a 2011 interview with TV Guide: 'In the beginning, it used to bother me.Like, "Oh, my God, I don't want people to think I'm gay - I'm trying to get a date!

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Something that the couple we’re going to talk about, know all too well.

Janice Rude was a sophomore at Occidental College where she was studying biology, in the early 1960s.

' He said, 'But, we're separated.' She continued: 'I said, 'Oh, you're getting a divorce.' He said, 'No, we're separated, we live in the same house, it hasn't been good for a really long time.' And I was like, 'Check please, I know that story.'The 'story' Gayle is referring to is a past experience with infidelity.

The longtime journalist - and Oprah's best friend - opened up about her own experience in 2006 on her XM satellite radio show.'I was married to a cheater .

The journalist continued: 'In addition to, 'Do you think OJ Simpson is guilty?

' — which is one of my dating questions.'Then she began to explain why it's important to ask those details and never assume: 'It never occurred to me if somebody asked you out and you've been on a couple of dates, they are not wearing a wedding ring. ' It really didn't.'Gayle explained she was recently out on a date and found herself in that very situation: 'So I'm out to dinner and he's talking and then he said something about my wife and I said, 'Wait, wait, wait, your wife? ' He goes, 'Yeah.' I said, 'Does she know you're here? I have been divorced since 1993, so I'm all healed and everything.

King responded to the question by saying: '"Despise" is a strong word.

I'm not a huge fan of the woman I caught naked with my now ex-husband on June 24, 1990, at pm - but I don't remember the details.'King spoke about her kids as well on her radio show, saying: 'It's so important for people who have children together to get along.

With dark hair and smoldering eyes, she would have made most men double-take as she served their food. At the same college was fraternity boy Prentiss Willson, part of Kappa Sigma.

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