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But celiac disease experts are not overly concerned about any real risk. D., director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York says if there is no visible food on the mouth, “the chance of there being any gluten present is infinitesimal.” He believes young people should be more concerned about eating safely and staying on a strict gluten-free diet during social situations.

“When people go to college, one of our studies showed [they] often fall off the gluten-free bandwagon,” Green explains.

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I have a really good restaurant I would like to try if you don’t mind.” If her date wants to pick the location, Williams gets the name of the restaurant and calls ahead or finds a menu online to see if her diet needs can be met.

Sometimes she arranges the meal with the restaurant staff by phone before the date.

“He felt bad that he didn’t know about my gluten-free needs until we were at the restaurant.” In the end the relationship didn’t work out.

Despite lots of changes in the dating world, going out to dinner is still a popular choice for all ages.

“It’s good for the date to know things about you,” Rowand says. ’ if you didn’t tell him.” Williams honed her dating technique and worked on getting up the nerve to tell her date early on about being gluten free.

Now if a guy asks her out, she agrees to the date and says, “By the way, I am gluten free.

Worried parents might point to stories about allergic teens who have had reactions when kissing, but allergies work much differently than celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and the risks of a harmful reaction would seem to be much lower.

Sometimes no matter how seriously your child takes the need for the gluten-free diet, young love can scramble a teenager’s brain.

Good manners and hygiene might dictate this move regardless of the gluten-free diet.

What about kissing and gluten in lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss?

Williams says she’s among those concerned about the possibility that a kiss might carry gluten contamination.

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