Isfj enfp dating dating a really thin guy

Rebecca Alexander is an Ni Fe (INFJ) who enjoys coffee dates with her hubby, snuggling with her toddler, funny conversations with her preschooler, and spending time alone writing, painting, or cooking.

An Austin, TX native, she is on a never ending journey to incorporate as many of her passions into daily life as she can, while supporting her favorite people in pursuing theirs, and still getting dinner on the table on time.

When one item gets completed, 5 more take its place. Dorm mates, family members, friends of friends, coworkers, teammates, neighbors – something all of these people have in common – they’re in our lives and we usually do not have a choice as to who they are.

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What stood out about Rebecca from the start was her confidence and easy-going attitude about the whole project. She was always open to our ideas and thoughts and implemented everything she could, but she pushed back when she knew things wouldn’t work. She accomplished 100% of every milestone and deliverable we needed.

She gave us a custom assessment that is both incredibly accurate and valuable for a beta.

Functions are a way to describe how people think and interact with the world.

There are four core elements to functions that everyone shares, but we all use them differently.

Knowing that his behavior was normal and actually REASONABLE, it helped me to stop picking at him, stop judging him, and begin to enjoy who he was.

Now I understand how to interact with him, I know how to communicate with him in a way that he appreciates, and I can fully appreciate who he is.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I had an insight into how my brother functions.

I began to realize that habits of his weren’t dysfunctional or backward, that he was just operating out of the core of his type.

What if there was a planning system that was actually made with your way of processing in mind?

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