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They found that while 94 percent of participating students were familiar with the phrase "hooking up,” there was no consensus about what “hooking up” actually entailed.Over half described a hookup as involving sex, nine percent described it as not including sex and about one-third said it could be ambiguous as to whether or not “hooking up” had to involve sex.

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In other words, “hooking up” could mean anything from kissing to intercourse.

(For a list of alternate euphemisms, see below.) All Talk?

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" A recent study of how social networks lead college students to define, perceive, and participate in “hooking up” showed that while everybody is talking about it, no one is exactly sure what it means.

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young women are still shamed for going too far, and young men are shamed for not going far enough.

In a sexist sexual climate, "we hooked up" could be the great equalizer.

The study, conducted by Amanda Holman, a doctoral student at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and Dr.

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