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AEDE welcomes teachers and schools throughout Europe who wish to work together to build the European society of the future.offers educational seminars and training courses for individuals, organisations, and enterprises from soft skills to languages and information technologies.

Moreover, through its involvement in numerous EU-funded projects, quality standards for the transversal and recurrent tasks of transnational project work have been established and are adhered to. S is a Non Profit Organisation structured as a network of experts participating in different projects with the aim of supporting founders, new self-employment, one-person-companies and small and medium sized enterprises.

The guidance given by the “Survival Kit for Lifelong Learning Projects” is put into practice in all European projects. Jugend am Werk Steiermark Gmb H is one of the biggest social services organisations in the Province of Styria.

The three mains courses addresses to those students pursuing an Austrian teaching degree: primary School Education (for children between 6 and 10), general secondary school education (for children between 10 and 15); special needs teacher education (for children between 6 and 15).

The University of Applied Sciences "FH JOANNEUM" offers 36 Master, Bachelor and Diploma degree programmes in the areas of Business & Technology, Information Engineering, Mobility, Social Services & Public Health and Media & Design for about 3000 students.

The Institut Fur Didaktik Der Mathematik (University of Linz) is an impulse center for science and the community and prides itself on a very distinguished international reputation.

The university is the largest academic institution in the federal state of Upper Austria.The European Association of Teachers (Association Européenne des Enseignants), founded in Paris in 1956, is an organisation promoting understanding of EU issues amongst educators in all member states.It has a network of more than 25,000 teachers, heads, inspectors and officials, from nursery to university level.Together with their customers, about 760 employees in 59 locations throughout the Province of Styria work to create life perspectives and to take chances in the areas of care and integration for persons with disabilities, training for young adults, employment, early intervention, and crisis intervention.Custom-fit and innovative services, customer-focussed acting, many years of experience, and best-trained and motivated employees characterise the work of Jugend am Werk.The centre aims to be an international cultural and educational centre and has high quality infrastructure, boarding and meeting facilities.

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