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Anyway, these 2 are not dupes, they are similar but the China Glaze is much more opaque and nicer looking overall.I think if you layered All About The Glam over white it would be a nice dupe of Dandy Lyin' Around.Lilacism is much lighter than all the other, Julie is also lighter than all the others and it's also packed with shimmer.

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It's weird how it's easy to photograph all of these on their own but when you put them next to each other on the nail you have issues, maybe it's just me? Anyway..only close dupes between all of these are Zoya Robyn and China Glaze Sunday Funday, they aren't exact but it's hard to tell them apart on the nail. Load is the oddball here, it's much more yellow than the others. I'd go with Zoya Jacqueline out of the 3..had the best formula in my opinion. Revlon Urban has the right undertones but it's a few shades darker.

Milky Ways & Jacqueline are very very close to My Vampire Is Buff but I wouldn't call either of them a dupe...maybe like fraternal twins (triplets? In the sun they look very close but the difference is easier to see in the shade. I used 2 coats for My Vampire is Buff, Milky Ways & Jacqueline and 3 coats of Load for the photos below. Eurso Euro vs China Glaze First Mate vs China Glaze Man Hunt. First Mate is more of a navy blue and Man Hunt is a lighter/brighter blue. Eurso Euro has nice purple undertones that are hard to see when it's on it's own but once you put it next to something more blue its much more noticeable. I used 3 coats of Dating A Royal and 2 coats of OPI... OPI Oy Another Polish Joke vs OPI Goldeneye vs Zoya Ziv.

No dupes here either, Come To Poppy is much brighter and the shimmer is pretty different. I thought this would be an easy one to find something exact for! No dupes here either, Elaine is darker and looks very brown toned when it's next to the other polishes.

My Address Is Hollywood is darker and more shimmery. Sapphire In the Snow is a couple shades darker (you probably don't need both but they aren't dupes). I used 2 coats of each polish for the photos below. Monica is dustier and lighter and Pinta leans more towards blue.

Click the read more button after the collage for all the comparisons! I used 2 coats of Hectic and 3 of Budding Romance for the photos below.

No dupes here unfortunately, Budding Romance is much more of a jelly finish and it's more yellow toned.

From Left to Right is Essie Lilacism, Zoya Julie, LCN Lilac Blossom, OPI You're Such A Budapest, China Glaze Tart-y For The Party, OPI Done Out In Deco and Essie She's Picture Perfect.

Crazy enough there is not 1 exact dupe in this bunch.

Hopefully for those another blogger can do them for you guys!

This is a pretty lengthy post so I'm just going to get into it!

If you could only get one I'd go with Neely, the formula is much better. These 2 are pretty close but not dupes, The Color Of Minnie leans a bit more towards red, where Snap My Dragon leans more to pink. I don't think you need both, I can't say I prefer one over the other..formula and color of both is pretty!

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