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I've noticed since I updated to the i Tunes version 7.2.035 that plugging in and updating the library with my i Pod shuffle no longer updates the play count for the songs I've listened to. Anyone else experiencing the same problem with their 1st gen ipod shuffle (512)? My shuffle holds about 125 songs or so, yet I've noticed there are always a good 20 or so songs that won't play, no matter how many times I load them onto the device.I have had that problem since I inherited it from a friend.

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I just avoid it and use *Genre contains/does not contain Podcast and that seems to work just fine for me in most cases. If the only way it knows to change out a song is when one of the intermediaries does so, and that intermediary playlist isn't on the ipod, then it will not change your ipod's smart playlist 'till itunes boots up again.

Because of this issue, I avoid the Podcast and Playlist rules entirely now, and while I use the Album Rating rule I do so knowing that the playlist it creates won't live update on the i Pod and will only get updated when I sync back to i Tunes. Album rating may be calculated by itunes and not the ipod (since itunes has the whole album and maybe your ipod doesn't?

I understand that the "skipped" tag is triggered by a song that has played for a certain amount of time, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

If I recall correctly, the "skipped" tag is triggered when you hit Next during the first nine seconds a song is playing, and only under those particular conditions.

Only if it can't find it on the device OR in i Tunes should it "break" the live update. I get only limited success with the "Last Skipped is not in the Last X [amount of time]" command.

It works on i Tunes, but if I skip a tune on my i Pod, then refresh the SPL, it usually does not clear itself.In my experience, there are certain rules that will make a smart playlist fail to update dynamically when on an i Pod.Is there a complete (or mostly complete) list of what conditions do this?Not to mention, you can't mass edit the genre tag without writing over what was already there.Anyway, then you can make a smart playlist that puts the least recently played 100 songs from each genre on your i Pod.I know you can do this the genre tag, but then you have to remember the order you put stuff in....

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