Psychsim 5 dating and mating tutorial

The chapter objectives are an outline of the key concepts in each unit of study that will help students relate the key concepts to each other. Human Nature, Individual Differences, and the Importance of Context.

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Myers Text Quizzes Students in this course are fortunate to be studying from a textbook that is considered by most psychology instructors to be the most readable text on the market.

The remaining 20 minutes will be used to introduce the next unit.

CCIHS students should keep the terms until the end of the class.

Chapter Objectives The purpose of the chapter objectives is to provide a more detailed critical thinking component to the homework.

A = A= -------------------------B = B = B= -------------------------C = C = C= -------------------------D = D = Scholastic Misconduct & Academic Honesty Statement Academic dishonesty in any portion of the academic work for this course shall be dealt with according to the guidelines set forth in the student handbook, and is grounds for awarding a grade of “F” for the course.

Scholastic misconduct is broadly defined as “any act that violates the rights of another student in academic work or that involves misrepresentation of your own work.” Scholastic dishonesty includes, (but is not necessarily limited to): cheating on assignments or examinations; plagiarizing, which means misrepresenting as your own work any part of work done by another; submitting the same paper, or substantially similar papers, to meet the requirements of more than one course without the approval and consent of all instructors concerned; depriving another student of necessary course materials; or interfering with another student’s work. These studies are relatively short and easy-to-read. It is essential that students read each study carefully, paying special attention to names, theories, and experimental processes. Thus, a student taking a three credit course that meets for three hours a week should expect to spend an additional six hours a week on coursework outside the classroom. The amount of time necessary outside of class varies greatly, and is dependent on both the individual and the letter grade sought. Intro—handout 1-5 from AP Psych binder on current psychological perspectives. Handout—The Outrageous Celebrity and the Crazy Celebrity and Psychology’s Perspective. One college credit is defined as equivalent to an average of three hours of learning effort per week necessary for an average student to achieve an average grade (C) in the course. The Norton Psychology Reader This reader presents a section or chapter from a contemporary trade book in psychology that relates to our course content.

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