Rhys ifans dating 2016

His first language is Welsh and he says that he began using the Welsh spelling of his surname, "just to be difficult". They starred together in the Welsh produced film, Twin Town.

Rhys was romantically linked to British actress, Sienna Miller, and has a swallow tattoo on his left wrist to match hers.

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Then, as he switches to the more lucrative consulting position at the NSA, he begins to discover some disturbing things.

For example, the phone surveillance program he wrote is now targeting and is gathering so much data the NSA has to build huge facilities to store it all.

He joins the military, wanting to serve his country but a badly broken leg puts an end to his military service.

Instead, he’s recruited by the CIA to write code and serve his country in a different way.

His mentor at the CIA, Corbin O’Brien (Ifans) takes a healthy interest in the young man’s career.

He also meets Lindsay Mills (Woodley), a free-spirited college student who supports herself through exotic dancing.Ifans also appeared as Xenophilius Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, and as Dr. He played Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, in Anonymous.Ifans also has a recurring role as Mycroft Holmes on the CBS series Elementary.The unlikely couple form a close bond and soon have a budding relationship, even though she’s as liberal as they come and he’s a staunch rock-ribbed conservative.He ends up writing programs that help root out terrorists and keep America safe.Snowden is in many ways not the most charismatic of men so it’s hard to fault Gordon-Levitt for being a bit dry here, but he does seem to capture Snowden’s essential personality.

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