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Among older psychiatric patients, the rate hovers between two to 20 percent.While rates of self-injury are higher in persons undergoing psychiatric care, the form and severity of the behavior can vary significantly.

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Self-injury is a symptom associated with different forms of psychiatric illness, including major depressive cycles of bipolar disorder.

Other causes include borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and dissociative disorders.

However, the types of behavior differ considerably between sexes with women more likely to cut and men more likely to punch or hit themselves.

Adolescent psychiatric inpatients have the highest rate of self-harm, ranging from as low as 40 percent to as high as 80 percent, depending on the study.

Self-injury is seen more frequently in younger people with as many as 15 percent of teens and 17 to 35 percent of college students engaging in self-injurious behavior.

The rate of self-injury is pretty much split down the center between women and men.

Self-injury is the act of hurting one's body without the intention of suicide.

While self-injury is an entirely distinct behavior from suicide, it is often seen as a red flag in persons may likely attempt suicide at a later date.

Self-harm has also been linked self-punishment, sensation-seeking (often expressed as the desire to "feel something" when emotionally numb), or suicide avoidance (using pain as a relief valve for an otherwise self-destructive emotion).

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