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Many people probably thought I was the active type, but I'm really not. Or else I would fall behind if my body wasn't quick enough."SEE ALSO: Cows suddenly invade So Ji Sub's front yard on 'Little House in the Forest'Onto his ideal type of woman, So Ji Sub described, "She just has to be whom that I can communicate freely with.It's hard to fill in the gap, apart from a generational point of view.But if they want to work with me nonetheless, please contact me."On openly dating, he said, "More than my opinion, the other person's opinion matters more.

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Comments stated, "The Jooyeon and So Ji Sub COUPLE???? Wonder why he doesn't just go ahead and marry the girl if he's been dating her all this time. Although that doesn't matter because the 40 something korean celebs always end up marrying a woman at least 10 years younger and they don't have to watch the kids anyway.

" , "Wow they've been dating all this time", "They attended the party together and the reporter also called them a couple.

Tune Camp issued a statement regarding the MBLAQ member’s involvement in the rumours.“It was made to seem like he had organized a blind date, but they had just hung out casually because he was close to both parties,” they said. O tweeted, “A world where people do not question a report and just accept it as truth…

So Ji Sub went to Taiwan on the 27th and held a press conference before his fanmeeting.

Whatever makes them happy, dating or just good friends, is fine with me.

They were also spotted on Dec 20, when So dropped off the After School member at a hair salon in the Gangnam district.

So Ji Sub’s agency admits that he’s good friends with Jooyeon but claims they are not dating.

You can choose to believe their denials but I can say that So Ji Sub has said in multiple interviews that if he’s dating someone he will never come clean to protect their privacy.

About 5 minutes after the news was published, the reporter quickly edited the article by taking out So Ji Sub and Jooyeon's name. (If anything, you'd be more likely to default to not labeling people as couples.) They probably are a couple but So Ji sub is absolutely determined to keep his image "clean".

Despite the reporter's fast response, netizens are now convinced that So Ji Sub and Jooyeon have been dating all along. He's rich as Midas so I'm sure he can get away with it.

During his interview, he said about his movie, "It features fierce fighting scenes as seen in movies back in the day.

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