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This was done in the studios, at Ottawa, of Crawley Films Limited - appropriately in the same chronological category as its subject, the company having celebrated its 15th birthday only recently. Its staff of 65 has become an international one that includes eight from England, three from the United States, three from Poland, two Chinese, an Irishman, a German and a Hollander.But wisely - and shrewdly too, for its principals know from whence cometh their strength - Crawley Films Limited is a family affair still, in atmosphere, if no longer in actuality.By avoiding any hint of censure and stressing wholesome but not impossibly idealized standards this film should prove exceptionally valuable to older teen-agers as well as to their parents, teachers and counselors. Available for sale singly, or in a package with accompanying filmstrips (0) from Mc Graw-Hill, New York City, and Toronto (Canada).

The most obvious weakness is an occasional overloading of concepts in a single film (as in THE MEANING OF ADOLESCENCE) and some repetition from one film to another (again in MEANING OF ADOLESCENCE; and further, in MEETING THE NEEDS OF ADOLESCENTS).

The first of these weaknesses is not serious if the films are used in a course and specifically correlated with the text.

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It starts interestingly - with a natural and charming wedding scene. [Still shot of girl and boy sitting together, from Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence; caption reads:] ".

Not only Bob and Mary but their parents, their friends, and the viewing audience too feel confident that this is a marriage which will succeed.

Judith Sparks Crawley, a four-time mother as well as an excellent writer, prepared the carefully written scripts. "Mc Graw-Hill Book Publishing Company, through its Text-Film Department, has made a valuable addition to its library of educational films with its new series, ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT.

Producer-director George Gorman, a member of the company family long enough to represent its spirit truly, is responsible for the clear presentation and natural acting that distinguish this picture gallery of the problems, interests and activities of teen-age boys and girls in the Western culture communities of the U. The five motion pictures in this series, intended to accompany Elizabeth Hurlock's textbook for college classes, is in fact equally useful for adult groups of parents and teachers.

Teachers and adult discussion leaders will also appreciate the way in which these motion pictures guard against the tendency toward over-generalization that can so easily come out of films that show only a single 'case'." "Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence," Film News (September 1953): 17. from SOCIAL-SEX ATTITUDES IN ADOLESCENCE." "Guidance Films Enrich Long Island U.

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