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Turn soft music on in the background and serve a meal that is a favorite of your spouse. This romantic idea offers a more relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting and finance from St. Planning a dinner in a tent is a romantic choice of couples.

Prepare a place to sit on the ground with a blanket or quilt and set a couple pillows around the blanket.

Place food in a picnic basket or on a small table next to the blanket. While the two of you lie on the blanket and eat, play soft music in the background.

Having attended four dinners to date, I have been struck by the friendliness, openness and honesty of my fellow diners.

How refreshing to get to know potential dating partners without the need to upload that photo (you know the one – certain angle and certain light!

Happy Table for Sixer (Brisbane - Joined January 2018) Margaret is keen and friendly when she is trying to persuade you into joining, but once she has your money, NO effort is put into having you out to dinner!

After 3 weeks I finally was offered a seat at a table (of only 4)...

A romantic dinner does not require extravagant food or decorations; only a little creativity, love and planning. Rely only on the light of the candles and cook the meal.

A romantic dinner for two at home is as simple as holding the dinner in the kitchen. Prior to the dinner, choose a recipe to make and purchase all of the ingredients needed.

One dinner had only myself and one other person there!

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