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On January 19, 2010, City News at Noon, City Online and City News at Five were cancelled as part of layoffs and restructuring within the Citytv stations.Many long-time City News on-air personalities, including Anne Mroczkowski and Laura Di Battista, were let go. newscasts on Saturday and Sunday evenings on March 5, 2011, with Pam Seatle anchoring the 6 p.m. On September 5, 2011, Citytv Toronto also reinstated City News at Five with anchors Francis D'Souza, Tom Hayes, and Avery Haines.Sports anchors included Jim Mc Kenny, Russ Salzberg, John Saunders, Debbie Van Kiekebelt, and Ann Rohmer.

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Entertainment reporters Larysa Harapyn and Liz West were released, and entertainment stories are now read by the anchors.

In September 2009, Citytv moved into its current newsroom at 33 Dundas Street East (Yonge-Dundas Square) in downtown Toronto.

City Pulse at Six was anchored by Gord Martineau and Dini Petty for much of the years from 1980 to 1987.

Weather presenters in that era include CHUM Radio veteran Jay Nelson, Brian Hill, Greg Rist, and David Onley.

In 2015, the station changed the format of its evening newscasts, removing the in-studio anchor and having all stories presented by videojournalists on the field.

The format is designed to appeal to younger viewers with a more "raw" presentation, and appeal to increased trust in the reporters and their journalism.Prior to 2008, City News and local cable news channel, CP24 were a combined operation sharing the same newsroom and studio space at 299 Queen Street West.CP24 simulcasted Citytv news programs such as Breakfast Television and City News.Before the 2017–2018 relaunch of City News nationally, City stations outside Toronto had their midday and evening news programs were cancelled in 2006, while the remaining news programming on these stations (such as the nationally-broadcast City News International) cancelled in early 2010.The newscast was broadcast in Toronto as City Pulse for the first time as a pilot episode on September 28, 1975, and as a second pilot episode on September 12, 1976.The show has also been duplicated by other television stations owned by CHUM Limited as well, and its format has been licensed to several television stations around the world, such as Citytv Barcelona and Citytv Bogotá.

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