Too accommodating girlfriend

Next thing you know she's off dating some arrogant, a-hole, jerk. In other words, average – not exceptional, not exciting, and not sexy.

And are you stumped wondering why she would date a guy who treats her like that when she could have you who would treat her like a princess and give her everything she wants?

I know you want to spend all your time with her right now, but you should try to be less selfish too especially with everything she has been going through with her family. Maybe she finally feels comfortable enough with me.

She has also been mentioning things she want to do around town (i.e.

Main point is: I feel as though she doesnt respect HERSELF, or do what is right for her sometimes. For example if she has to study one night for a big test, and I invite her over, she will still come over and blow off studying.

Or maybe one night she wont want to have sex, but she knows I do so she lets me anyways.

When I first met my husband I was in the middle of grad school and I swear it added a year onto my thesis. Im a guy and i do want to do "it" most of the time, and i know it is wrong of me to do that to her.

Of course, it was mainly my fault because I never could say no to him. But im glad the past few days she has been very forward with me (and she doesnt even know it was bugging me).Too many women make the mistake of thinking that if they ever say "no" or express a different opinion, or want to do something else, the guy will dump them. I think you might try telling her straight out that if she disagrees or says no sometimes you won't dump her! I mean its only been a few months and maybe we are still in that "honeymoon" phase.I just want her to be comfortable around me, knowing that I enjoy dealing with her faults and our disagreements. Why are you asking her to do things you don't think she should be doing/wants to do?I mean if you know she doesn't want to have sex, why would you have sex with her?It's kind of strange to say that someone "lets you" have sex with them.Why do you have sex with her when you know she doesn't want to? If she did in fact put her foot down, what WOULD you do?

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