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These romantic trysts were first revealed in her raunchy memoir The Toyboy Diaries a little over a decade ago.

Wendy, 71, and a grandmother of five, started charting her encounters with much younger men following her second divorce.

The fairy-tale ending was assured; I’d found the one I’d waited for. After that, we began leading separate social lives.

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The fee she’s being offered is £50,000 greater than what she’s reportedly been paid to do I’m A Celeb. Mum-of-two Carol split from long-term boyfriend and pilot Graham Duffy, 41, last year, and hinted on I’m A Celeb that she dumped him before Christmas so she could ‘party’.

‘Christmas time is party time, I don’t think I should say anymore,’ she boasted to her camp mates. For many years Carol has lived in Bristol with her mother, kids, best friend Mandy and her children, with the TV star describing it as a ‘commune’.

And, after I had spluttered a few words about looking into IVF or surrogacy (I was 55, post-menopause), he stopped me and said, “No, you don’t understand. After an excruciating month, he moved out of the marital home.

I want to have children with a woman of my own age.” It was a strike that incinerated my heart and nuked the illusion of a happy marriage. But I didn’t dash to the Botox clinic, or have a makeover.

He would always answer that he’d rather be with me than have kids.

But that day – that freezing, damp day in June 2012 when the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant was almost rained off – my devoted husband told me that he had changed his mind about wanting children.

I was taken aback that a woman of my age could be of interest to a younger man, but he assured me that there were many others like him actively seeking the attention of mature women.

And so, after a brief liaison with said Italian, I became the proverbial kid in the candy store.

We wouldn’t like to suggest her mother Edwina, 88, is privy to and/or gets involved in Carol’s ‘occasionals’ but we’re sure Toy Boy would be sending money her way too if so.

Young lads in the Bristol area — prepare yourselves.

Unfortunately, as I was soon to discover, a 22-year age gap can become a yawning chasm when reality bites.

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