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Grattan admitted to the Grand Jury his abuse of boys.

Source: Serbin Letter to DA's Office ; Tribune Democrat ; Centre Daily Times ; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ; Tribune Democrat ; Daily Herald ; Tribune Democrat ; Centre Daily Times ; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ; GJ FBI Timeline ; PA AG Statement ; PA Office of the Attorney General ; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Timeline ; WJAC ; Tribune-Democrat ; WJAC Assignments: PA Office of the Attorney General Accused of abuse. Returned to active status mid- 2002 because police could not substantiate.

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For a more detailed account of assignment record research and how you can volunteer, see our guide. In 1960 Schenk wrote that despite Gormly's [poor ] record in Crookston he wanted "to give him one more chance." Gormly worked under Schenk in both Crookston and Duluth. No information on the parish where the abuse occurred or when it occurred. Source: Hartford Courant 6.5.93; Connecticut Post ; Connecticut Post ; Connecticut Post ; Associated Press ; Connecticut Post Assignments: Partial Assignment Record Compiled by Law Firm Removed 6/02 after allegation of misconduct with a minor.

An assignment record lists all the diocesan and parish appointments of a priest, including telltale periods of sick leave. Source: Affidavit by John Doe III, 2003; Documents from John Doe III v. Source: Biographies for Religious Jubilarians 2009; Cambridge Whos Who 2009; Boston Herald ; Boston Globe ; Boston Herald ; Patriot Ledger ; Framingham Metro West Daily News ; Milford Daily News ; Boston Globe ; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ; SNAP Media Statement Assignments: Assignment Record Arrested in 1984 and confessed that he had molested youth for several yrs.. Pled guilty in 1985 to attempted sexual misconduct with minor; sentenced to 1 yr jail on work furlough and 5 yr probation. Convicted again in 2003 and sentenced to 1 yr 10 mo in prison & 3 yrs probation for abuse in 1979. He worked in parishes in Harding (Pulaski), Elmsdale and Little Falls. Source: Fing AGrave ; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, ; Legal Examiner ; St Cloud Times ; Star Tribune ; WJON Assignments: Assignment Record Files released 1/03 show he was accused of abusing male student at Archbishop Williams High in 1972-1974. Louis Review ; Statement by Archdiocese of Louisville ; U. In 9/02 he was scheduled to return to duty per the Bishop even though Review Board had not seen the psychological evaluation.

A detailed assignment record, like this assignment record of John Geoghan created by the Boston Globe, identifies populations that have been placed at risk, and is also cross-referenced with a list of accusations, so that the transfer policies of the priest's bishops can be evaluated. Father James Janssen et al, 2003; Des Moines Register ; Quad-City Times ; Des Moines Register ; Quad-City Times ; Quad-City Times ; Quad-City Times Assignments: Concise Assignment Record; Assignment Record; Catholic Messenger 7.17.08Accused of sexual abuse of at least one minor. Source: Newsday (AP) ; Boston Herald ; Albany Times Union ; North Country Gazette ; Capital News 9 ; WNYT ; Albany Times Union ; Boston Globe ; Troy Record ; Boston Channel ; Daily Gazette ; NECN ; Albany Times Union ; Boston Globe ; Boston Globe Assignments: Troy Record 7.23.08 (add'l article); Boston Herald (AP) 4.21.09 (add'l article); NY Daily News 4.22.09 (add'l article); Boston Globe (add'l article); Schenectady Gazette 5.25.83Pattern of abuse spanned Gentile's entire 30-year career. Frequently took boys on overnight and longer trips even after warnings to avoid these trips. Settlements with alleged victims 5/17 and 10/17 as part of archdiocese's compensation program. Believe Cardinal Medeiros was told in 1977 that teenage boys frequently stayed in his room & that one was seen partially undressed at a.m. Boston AD database in 8/11 says case concluded canonically. Later indictment said child pornography was found on his computer. The Diocesan Review Board found that there was "reasonable cause" tobelieve he took part in "inappropriate" conduct." Board said that conduct did not constitute sexual misconduct with a minor but was otherwise inappropriate." Retired 11/02.

By identifying a priests' seminary class and the colleagues with whom he has worked, an assigment record can also begin to identify the circle of colleagues who kept the priest's activities secret and who might even have been involved in the abuse themselves. bishops to publish detailed assignment records with treatment episodes and accusation dates for every abuser. Included on the Helena diocese's list posted to its website 4/29/15 in compliance with the non monetary terms of the 3/5/15 bankruptcy settlement. Accused in 1997 of taking an 11- or 12-year-old boy at St. One priest wrote anonymous letter to Archdiocese in 1995 and followed through personally in 1996. In 11/17 3 men received settlement of 250K each via archdiocese's Compensation program. Conviction then removed by court, citing pending appeal at time of death. Later, the oldest brother (who received $30K) committed suicide. Absent "without permission" from ministry since 1978. In 2003, he was working as substitute teacher at Duxbury High. Source: Boston Globe ; Boston Globe ; Boston Herald ; Patriot Ledger ; Patriot Ledger ; Boston Herald ; Reuters ; Statement by Archdiocese of Boston ; The Enterprise ; Boston Globe ; National Catholic Register Assignments: Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record Arrested 7/09 after arranging to have sex with a 16 yr old girl at a secret location. Pleaded guilty 3/10 to child porn and agreeing to pay for sex w/ 16 yr old. Graf suspended in June, 2002 for sexual misconduct with a child.

Others were created by the dioceses themselves and relinquished under subpoena, or were prepared by the dioceses in response to investigation by law enforcement. Bishop Hogan struck an agreement with police - Gaborek was quietly sent to MI for "treatment" then assigned to another parish. In 10/03 a 29-year-old man reported to law enforcement and archdiocese sexual abuse by Gaffney beginning as 6th grade altar boy at St. Man's attorney said he had evidence there were seven other victims. First man sued; Gaffney filed countersuit, Gaffney died weeks later, on 3/27/04. Allegations surfaced he abused same youth on 1998 mission trip to WV. Source: Cebu Sun-Star 7.3.06; Cebu Sun-Star 7.4.06; LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 4; LA Times ; Dallas Morning News ; Mercury News ; Dallas Morning News ; Philippine Daily Inquirer ; Dallas Morning News ; National Geographic ; CBS News ; Manila Bulletin ; Philippine Daily Inquirer ; Philippine Daily Inquirer ; Philstar Assignments: National Geographic 9.26.12 (add'l article); Philippine Daily Inquirer 9.26.12 (add'l article); Dallas Morning News 9.27.12 (add'l article); Sun. Source: Cal Coast News 1.21.13 (with links to personnel files); LA Archdiocesan Report 2.17.04 page 1; Mercury News 2.8.13; New Mexican 2.7.13; The Wanderer 1.8.04; LA Times ; City of Angels ; LA Daily News ; CBS News ; Huffington Post (AP) ; LA Times ; Lez Get Real ; Alter Net ; Santa Fe New Mexican ; LA Prensa Grafica Assignments: Albuquerque Journal 2.13.13 (add'l article); LA Times Database 4.20.06; LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum From Cuba. Suspended for 10 days before returned to active duty.. Accused 10/12 of covering up abuse by another priest. Accused 1988 of sexually abusing 4 Nicaraguan and Salvadoran refugee boys 1983-88. Luke's 1988; sent on sabbatical to Colombia; assigned in Honduras. 5th man sued 2004, alleging rape in 1984 when he was 13 & refugee. Accuser said he knew of other minor victims who had been abused at that location. Source: News & Observer ; WRAL ; News & Observer ; News & Observer ; Philadelphia Inquirer ; Statement by Diocese of Raleigh Assignments: Assignment Record Accused by one woman of repeatedly molesting and stalking her for 3 years in late 1950s and early 1960s, beginning when she was age 11 and Garry was at St. Abuse included digital penetration; confession was used in the abuse. Source: Chicago Archdiocesan Report ; Chicago Tribune ; Archdiocese of Chicago Documents Assignments: Assignment Record; Garza Personnel File; Jeff Anderson & Associates Timeline One of 21 priests placed on administrative leave by Philadelphia archdiocese 3/7/11 pending investigation for credible allegations involving sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors. Accuser says he refused to sign agreement offering counseling in exchange for releasing diocese from liabilities or damages. Accused of sexually abusing boys with Janssen, Bass, and James W. In his deposition, Gelineau also denies having any sexual contact with an altar boy in 1993. Review board was unable to determine the credibility of the allegation. Source: Find A Grave ; CBS 2 ; Dyersville Commercial ; Radio Iowa ; SNAP Statement ; Telegraph Herald ; WCF Courier Assignments: Archdiocese of Dubuque - Table of Accused Priests and Assignment Records Accused in 1988 of repeatedly molesting a 14-year-old boy. Still on administrative leave as of 10/15 and canonical proceedings are still in process per Boston AD database. Convicted in 2005, and sentenced to 20 years in prison for orally sodomizing a boy in the late 1970s.

Per PA AG's 3/1/16 Grand Jury Report, Gaborek molested and brutally sexually assaulted a 16-yr-old boy in 1982. In 1984 Hogan sent Gaborek "on retreat" to Orchard Lake, which was a boys' school. In 9/89 arrested for sexual assault of a dog in a parking lot. Source: Associated Press ; Pittsburg Post-Gazette ; Tribune-Democrat ; Serbin Letter to DA's Office ; Tribune-Democrat ; Tribune-Democrat ; Associated Press ; Tribune-Democrat ; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ; PA AG Press Release ; PA AG Statement ; PA GJ FBI TImeline ; PA Office of the Attorney General ; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Timeline ; Penn Live ; WJAC Assignments: Office of the Attorney General Monsignor. A 2nd man came forward with similar allegations said to have occurred when Gaffney was St. Psych evaluation in 1977 prior to ordination indicated Gagnon had possible "sex role identification" problems. Accused of molesting a 14 year old boy in early 1980. Source: John Doe CS v Fr James Thiel et al 042-01414 St Louis Circuit Court MO; Belleville News-Democrat ; St Louis Post Dispatch (AP) ; Kansas City Star (AP) ; St Louis Post-Dispatch ; St Louis American ; St Louis Post Dispatch ; St Louis American ; Jesuits Missouri_org website accessed ; Jesuit_org Website accessed ; Berger's Beat Assignments: Assignment Record Articles in 2002 cite numerous complaints about Gale's abuse of young boys in 1979, 1981, 19. Both reports found unsubstantiated by Review Board in 2008. Reassigned to position with no parish responsibilities or contact with youth. Per personnel file released 10/25/10, he was accused of abusing 4 girls between 1961-1963. Star 9.27.12 (add'l article); Philippine Daily Inquirer 9.27.12 (add'l article); LA Times Database 4.20.06On Leave 1984-2006. Accused in 2007 civil suit of sexual abuse of 11 yr old boy in 1989 at St. Sentenced 3/10 to 2 yrs prison on drug and gun charges. Stalking and abuse allegedly continued after reassignment. Newly identified as abuser on Chicago Archdiocese list released 3/20/06. In 11/83 a mother expressed concern to the archdiocese about Garza's interactions with her son. Last assignment was at Our Lady of Charity Church in Brookhaven, Delaware County. Arrested 4/08 for failing to register as sex offender. Graham admitted that accusations were true but received positive assessment and was allowed to return to work. Source: Documents from Graham Personnel File; Boston Globe ; Boston Herald ; Patriot Ledger ; Boston Globe ; Boston Herald ; Patriot Ledger ; Providence Journal-Bulletin ; The Day ; Patriot Ledger ; National Catholic Register Assignments: Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record Name included in the 10/05 million settlement between Hartford Archdiocese and 43 people alleging abuse by 14 priests. No other information found about allegations against him. Archdiocese investigated in 1994 but allegations weren't substantiated. MO Supreme Court overturned the conviction & prison sentence 11/06, saying sodomy had 3 yr statute of limitations.

Assignment records are all around us: * Newspaper accounts of the crisis * Diocesan records * Investigative files * Obituaries and other old newspaper reports But these records are dispersed and difficult to find, and complete assignment records for most accused priests are not publicly available. In the meantime, we are undertaking this work of research and collection ourselves. Per the Archdiocese list, he was accused in 1986 of abuse of 14 yr old boy in 1980. "Gallagher admitted inappropriate conduct and his faculties to perform ministry were removed." Gallagher objected to his inclusion on the list, saying the "incident involved only a massage of a 14-year-old boy that occurred 21 years ago but involved "no genital touching.'"Removed 2002 after recent accusation that he had abused a minor female some 30 years previously. 05-3433-CA-01 Docket ; CBS 4 ; Mermelstein & Horowitz Press Release ; News & Observer Assignments: 3.30.10 (add'l article); Miami Herald 4.4.10 (add'l article); Inside Costa Rica 4.7.10 (add'l article); WSVN 6.30.10 (add'l article); CBS 4 6.30.10 (add'l article); CBS Miami 2.27.13 (add'l article)Source: The Dialog ; News Journal ; Diocese of Wilmington List of Accused Priests ; Diocese of Wilmington Personnel File Assignments: News Journal ; BA. Source: Brainerd Dispatch ; St Cloud Times ; Finda Grave ; St Cloud Times ; Diocese of St Cloud--Bishop Kettler Press Release, ; Legal Examiner ; St Cloud Times ; Star Tribune ; WJON Assignments: Finda Grave Accused 12/92 of sexual misconduct with St. Charged 1/93 with enticing child for immoral purposes & intimidation. Joseph's Orphanage in Burlington VT off by himself in 1951 and pulling the boy's fly down. Accused in 1997 civil suit of abusing 2 brothers in 1993-94. Source: Bronx Press ; NY Times ; Daily News ; Daily News ; Journal News ; Times Herald-Record ; Daily News ; Daily News ; USA Today ; Journal News ; Journal News ; Renew America ; The Heights ; CBS New York ; Journal News ; SNAP Press Release ; New York Daily News ; New York Times ; New York Times ; Lewisboro Daily News ; Journal News ; ABC7 Eyewitness News ; Church Militant ; Times Herald-Record ; Lo Hud ; Ossining Patch Assignments: Summary of Directory Entries; Assignment Record Per documents released 2009, Diocese paid two men K each in 2004 to settle claims of abuse in late 1970s-early 1980s. Source: Bridgeport Clerty Sexual Misconduct History; Hartford Courant ; Voice from the Desert ; Hartford Courant ; Connecticut Post ; Greenwich Times ; CT Post ; Law Firm List Assignments: Law Firm List Involuntarily laicized 1998. In 2002 Archdiocese paid M to settle claims brought by 86 accusers but another two dozen civil suits were still pending. Ghastin was removed from contact with children in early 1990s. Contact was actually an an undercover FBI agent in a sting. Sentenced to 6 yr 8 mo prison and register as sex offender in 6/10. Article says diocese learned of abuse in 1994; another says 1974.

See our initial collection of assignment records below. Source: Philadelphia Grand Jury Report; Philadelphia Inquirer ; Philadelphia Daily News ; Philadelphia Inquirer ; Philadelphia Inquirer Assignments: Philadelphia Archdiocesan Priest Data Profile Former editor of The Catholic Review. As of 2005, Vatican did not laicize him but sentenced him to a life of prayer and penance (possibly because of his age and health). Source: Journal News 4.10.02 (in collection of articles); Journal News 4.16.02 (in collection of articles); Journal News 4.8.02 (in collection of articles); Journal News 7.9.05; Journal News ; USA Today ; Journal News Assignments: Summary of Directory Entries Removed from Mendota parish 12/13 after review of personnel file by outside agency found reference to incident of inappropriate conduct with minor around 1998. Evaluation, counseling and monitoring ordered in 12/13; act classified as boundary violation, not crime. Org Parish Assignments of Accused Delaware Priests Ordained at age 43. Judge dismissed case; noted evidence Gardipee disrobed in front of boy. Per 5/02 article, Gauthier was charged in 1979 with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct after he admitted fondling a retarded male adult. Cloud's 1/3/14 list of clergy involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. When the boy fled, Gelineau allegedly pursued him and tried to drown him. They alleged abuse by Genuario and another priest, Frank Wissel. Accusers recently learned that the priests were still active. Accused in over 87 lawsuits of raping and molesting at least 150 children. Source: Boston Globe ; Boston Herald ; Boston Phoenix ; Boston Globe ; Boston Globe ; Boston Globe ; Boston Globe ; The Age ; Patriot Ledger ; Boston Globe ; Jamaica Plain Gazette ; National Catholic Register ; Metrowest Daily News ; Jamaica Plain Gazette ; Orange County Weekly ; SNAP Statement ; Columbia Journalism Review ; Huffington Post ; Huffington Post ; Catholic Culture ; Boston Globe ; Bostonia Assignments: Boston Globe Assignment Record ; Flatley Memo on Allegations ; Flatley Memo on Allegations In personnel file released in 12/02, there are claims that Ghastin molested two brothers at Christopher Columbus H. Last known to be working as librarian at Mount Alvernia Friary in Wappingers Falls, N. Source: Fox 2 8.3.09; Hanibal Courier-Post 9.1.09; St. On-line petition in support of Graf says the matter occurred 28 yrs ago and was handled then.

Bishop has launched a project to gather and post the assignment records of every U. Catholic priest who has been accused of sexual abuse since 1940, so that vulnerable communities can be identified and bishops' transfer policies can be determined. Source: Phoenix New Times ; Arizona Republic ; Phoenix Gazette ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; News Press ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; East Valley Tribune ; Arizona Republic ; Arizona Republic ; SNAP Statement ; Courthouse News Service ; Metropolitan News Enterpriest Assignments:(add'l article); (add'l article)Removed from service by order in 1992 after Archdiocese reported complaints. Shortly thereafter, Gorecki was "gone." He spent time outside diocese before being reassigned to different parishes. Retired in 1996 and has had no duties since that time. Removed and sent to psychiatric hospital in Milwaukee. Louis Globe-Democrat 3.31.10 (add'l article); KMOX 3.31.10 (add'l article); St.

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