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The couple had an affair for almost five years and rumors were that the couple will be taking their relationship to the next level i.e., they were to get married.But instead after those rumors, the news of their split hit the headlines. Source: The Hollywood Reporter(Daniel Tosh)Daniel and Meghan met for the first time in February 2009.

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Daniel Tosh is an American comedian, actor, writer, executive producer and Television host.

Tosh got his first ever break in 2001 appearing on “Late Show with David Letterman.”After more late night show appearances, Tosh released his first comedy album and dabbled into acting in 2008.

The post immediately garnered many retweets as fans were quick to bombard him with questions.

Tosh didn’t answer to any of the questions, leaving his fans to mere speculations.

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Back in 2009, Tosh began a relationship with model and actress Megan Abrigo.

Neither Tosh nor Abrigo revealed the reason for their separation, however, rumor had it that Tosh’s impolite jokes about her could have been one of the factors that caused their break up. Daniel Dwight Tosh was born on May 29, 1975, in Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany and raised in Titusville, Florida. He enrolled at Astronaut High School, Brevard County from where he graduated in 1993.

Tosh graduated from the University of Central California in 1996 with a degree in marketing.

He began his comic career by touring the comedy club circuit and it wasn’t long until he began hosting “Tens”, a local late-night comedy show.

His other gigs included a commercial advertisement for Taco Bell.

Daniel Tosh is a very entertaining comedian who is now linked with Netflix and his term has been extended until 2020.

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