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But the girl, or rather woman (now 30), I meet today has finally managed to create a new, totally mesmerising grown-up persona for herself.

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It wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God, I am bowled over,’ it just felt peaceful, genuine, real and normal – and so nice.

He is cheeky, fun but also has lovely warmth and a genuine innocence.

Ultimate Shopper, which will premiere on TLC early next month, is a seven-part series in which Holly, stylist Brix Smith Start and fashion photographer and writer Paul Hartnett will be judging the prowess of four different shopaholics in each episode as they compete in a range of challenges.

Mrs Candy’s husband and his brother may have a joint worth (last estimated in 2011) of around £300 million but Holly, who has her own home in Los Angeles, is anything but a gold-digger.

I managed to get through it by doing neurolinguistic tapping – something that helps me with flying too.

It was a monumental claustrophobia hurdle, but it was so good for me. I happened to see a report from Ann Curry on NBC News about the abuse of disabled children in Serbia and I couldn’t stop crying for days.

He is a genius with his work but in other areas I do sometimes have to protect him.

I am more perceptive about people and their intentions [than he is] and sometimes he will say of someone, ‘Aren’t they lovely?

Finally at 30 I am coming round to the idea of babies and Nick, at 40, is well and truly ready. I can see it now: I will be the bad cop – the strict one – and he will be the fabulous, fun dad!

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