Wireless internet validating problem

By default, the Wi-Fi connection on Android Smartphone is disconnected as the phone goes to sleep which extends the battery life.But you can make changes in the Wi-Fi settings by going to Settings Factory data reset and it will erase everything from the device.Wi-Fi access is not available everywhere on the UNC campus.

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Ultimately I think the fix would be to get a new wireless router.

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Many classrooms and campus gathering places are already covered.

See our Wi-Fi Access Point Locations document for specifics.

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Wired and/or Wireless (Wi-Fi) networking should be available in all the on-campus residence halls, offices and classrooms.

Also, please see our documents on Wireless and Wi-Fi Coverage and FAQs and Best Practices for Using Wi-Fi Securely.

The following is a brief description of the most common Wi-Fi Networks (SSIDs) that are seen on-campus.

My security settings are set to If it was an issue with a computer, only one of the computers would stop working (like you said).

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