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As justin got closer to the bed his tear filler eyes focused on the clothes he was to dress in, he couldnt belive his mother would expect him to wear clothes that screamed GIRL AND SISSY so totally.

The first item he noticed was the baby blue undies, they wre very shiney and soft looking, not at all like his boxer shorts he always wore.

Next she made him pucker his lips and apllied lip gloss, it was clear but had a bit of pinkish shade, this made his little naturally pouty lips appear very angelic and more noticable.

She then picked up comb and parted his hair in the middle,thenblow dryed it and fluffed it as she did to a more femine texture, she then sprayed his hair with just a bit of hair spray for hold and shine, finishing thisd she sprizts his neck with a touch of loves baby soft cologne she had borrowed from jennys room.

As Justin looked at his cards he wished he hadnt been so rebbeloius the last few years but he missed his dad who now was married again and had a step son justins age,he had seen a picture of him, holding a baseball trophy that he had won ,he was much taller than justin almost by a foot as justin hadnt really matured very fast and was only 4, 11 and hadn't gained any wieght scince 3rd grade only wieighing only 100 olbs.

Most all Justins friends towered over him and his 11 year old sister was almost his size now.

He cryed so hard now that he was trimbling and taking big sobbing breaths.

Mrs wilson almost felt sorry for him but kept her resolve as she new there was no turning back now, DRESS i said now, Justin picked up the undies with trembling hands like they were a dangerous snake,he steped into them and drew them up his hairless legs,the silkyness of the satin was soo soft and girly feeling he knew his face was on fire.

When he had washed under the watchful eye of his mother she had him stand and dryed him with a big flufy pink towel then had him dust himself all over with baby powder completing the sweet smell she wanted him to have.

Then she showed him how to wrap the towel around him the same way he had seen his sister wear it many times,then she lead Justin into his bedroom to get dressed,what he saw laid out on his bed made him go dizzy and feel sick to his tummy his mother pushed him towards the bed as his face felt twice as hot as it had and tears of shame formed in his eyes.

They were exactly like the undies his sister jenny wore besides the material diffwrence they were adorned with lace frill around the legs openging and waits.

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