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The epidemic is out of control.' But the truth is that Zimbabwe has been broken by Mugabe himself.

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Clutching her Zanu PF membership card required to claim treatment, Destiny, 25, delivered her baby at Bulawayo's Central Hospital two weeks ago.

She was separated from the child to be treated for her own malnutrition.

For months the dictator has cynically sidestepped a power-sharing deal which might give Zimbabwe a future. We put up Mugabe posters on our front doors to protect ourselves. The gravedigger tells me: 'We are beginning to lose count of the coffins arriving.

His main political opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, has fled to neighbouring Botswana for his own safety. It is like a Stalinist state.' Outside Harare, at the Granville Cemetery, there are lines of newly dug graves in the 'cholera section'. We have buried 120 children every month since September.' In the nearby St Peter's Church, where the services in the run-up to Christmas are under way, Father Oskar Wermter has never been busier.

Yet still the world seems too paralysed to respond.

In an act of misplaced loyalty, many of Africa's leaders refuse to denounce this despot because he was once a Marxist freedom-fighter against white colonial rule.

Their mother, Sara, knelt in respect as their father pulled off his white cotton hat to mourn the child who died of hunger four months ago.

Eight-month-old Kudi from Bulawayo at an emergency UNICEF Malnutrition Centre with his mother Liliosa, 22.

The Mail has discovered that those who do not carry the red membership card of Mugabe's Zanu-PF party (complete with the President's mugshot) are routinely refused the chance to register for emergency food aid from international charities.

'The question has to be asked: "Is this by design or by default?

Now Zimbabwean people are thinking the unthinkable: that the tyrant has deliberately provoked the collapse of his country as a forerunner to declaring a state of national emergency and outright military rule. As Jessica, a 44-year-old social scientist from Harare, explains: 'We are frightened. The priest, who recently spent weeks in hiding when he was threatened with abduction by the Zanu-PF, is visiting the emergency cholera clinics, praying for the sick and giving solace to those who have lost loved ones.

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