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If your clitoris is too sensitive, then use the vibrator around the general area, or put it against your clitoris through your knickers to reduce the intensity.

Again there is a lot of choice for g-spot vibrators, however glass dildos, are great as they hold the lubricant and can be used hot or cold depending on your mood.

Although many women find easier using a toy, you can also use your fingers to stimulate it.

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They might not come with fancy attachments but are great if all you are looking for is penetration.

Touching, rubbing, fondling and even attaching clamps or suction to the nipples can all be very exciting.

I’m constantly discovering that my colleagues don’t know what our company’s pumping space is for.

Hey, co-worker: You can make your phone call in any number of glass-walled conference rooms.

The amount of milk I made was obscene — upwards of 40 ounces a day, sucked out with a rented industrial pump. I found the whole thing surprisingly erotic — like I was this extremely virile mammal, jizzing out milk. Once I had a baby to deal with, pumping became this miserable way to “earn” time away for working.

Like, But I think it’s really important to talk about, because otherwise nonparents don’t realize it’s even happening.

Only a lucky few can orgasm from g-spot stimulation alone.

One good way to get yourself off is to take the skin around the clitoris and rub it together.

Whereas I can only stave off mastitis — that’s an INFECTED BOOB, and it hurts like hell — in this one private, designated location. In the very beginning, I didn’t seem to be producing enough milk.

My daughter was hungry all the time and we grew really alarmed when she seemed too tired to even cry.

Below, 13 more women describe their pumping experiences. With twins, I couldn’t breastfeed as much as they needed or I would literally have never left the couch. I’d quit my job so I was home for six months and just gave him breast or formula whenever he wanted it, and I weaned at 6 months.

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