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Affiliation: Love Systems Website: Renowned dating instructor Alex from Real Social Dynamics is another instructor that has taken his social skills up a notch, not just in the game of dating, but in the game of the real world.He focuses on keeping in tuned with what his clients and students need, and works actively with them on the inner experiences of their lives in order to enhance their external experiences and become abundant and prosperous men.

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In May 2014, Mark released his debut single “Get My Name” produced by Wizz Dumb, which Ballas co-wrote with writer Jo’zzy.

“Get My Name”from all walks of life and is set for release August 25, 2014.

He is a self described world travelling pickup coach, blogger, and bootcamp instructor though those are just a few of the things he excels at.

Since his earliest memories Alex has always had a keen interest in the field of psychology, human behavior, and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

He has worked with men from ages 15 to 50 all over the world, and believes that cost should not be a factor in getting help for taking your life to the next level.

As such, he makes a number of resources in achieving your own personal goals available at no cost on his website, and delivers free speaking engagements around the world on a regular basis.Alex was immediately invited to join as an assistant in an Executive Coaching program in Australia, and he honestly did not know if he had the knack for it, but it did not take long for him to go from assisting to being sponsored to travel the world with his expertise in navigating interpersonal experiences.When that happened, he left University and quit his job in order to become a full fledged coach with RSD, and his life changed in a way that he never thought possible.Cheryl first began dancing at the age of six, taking ballet lessons and performing throughout the Bay Area.At 10, she discovered what would be her winning talent, ballroom dancing, and decided to hang up her ballet shoes to begin training in both Standard and Latin ballroom dancing.Based out of Australia he studied Behavioral Science and Psychology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

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